The medical system in Japan has created the situation that there are relatively many acute care hospitals. However, there are few hospitals that can support patients through the recovery stage after undergoing acute medical treatment until they have gained the strength to return to their usual daily lives. In our aging society, there is an increasing need for such hospitals that can lend such a professional helping hand during the transitional phase of recovery and while patients are recuperating at home.
St. Catherine’s Hospital, centrally located in the Harumi district of Chuo City, Tokyo, is a regional comprehensive care facility, a hospital for the local people that serves as a bridge to ensure a smooth return from an acute-phase hospital to the home environment, while following up on patients living at home after discharge.
We provide “recovery medical care,” and “support for independent living of elderly people,” while serving as the “local home doctor,” to realize a “regional comprehensive care system” that supports the people in the community, covering housing, medical care, nursing care, preventive services, and home living conditions, in collaboration with St. Luke’s International Hospital and other acute care institutions.

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Who is St. Catherine?

St. Catherine is a patron saint of nurses. She was born in 1347 in Siena, central Italy, and is also known as “St. Catherine of Siena.” At the age of 21 years, she had a vision that inspired her to leave her home to support poor and sick people, starting to visit hospitals and poor people’s homes. She also wrote many letters of wisdom addressed to a wide audience - from royalty and academics to merchants and farmers - giving advice to those who sought it.
Catherine was known for her strength and courage – she even advised the pope when she considered it necessary. She died in 1380 at the age of 33 years, and April 29, the day of her death, has come to be commemorated as St. Catherine’s day. In this image of St. Catherine, she is holding a symbolic lily flower and a cross, which was most dear to her.